Sunday, July 18, 2010

Messenger Shirt Give Away

2000 Philly Worlds, NYC No Brakes Ticket. Large, Sleeveless
Same Shirt
Boise Bars and Stripes 2006. Medium
Closeup of CMWC Dublin Shirt
CMWC Dublin 2007. Large. Bit of a chainlube mark in the lower middle.
Quake City Rumble 3, 2005 Staff Shirt. Medium
DC Courier, Three of the Same Stars on the Back. Medium (Gone to Stewy)
West Side Invite 2007. Medium
Boise Bars and Stripes 2007. Small (Gone to Jayne)
Axles of Evil Polo. Medium
Boise Bars and Stripes 2008. Small
West Side Invite 2009 Seattle. Weirdest West Side T-shirt Ever. 1 Small (Gone to Jayne),
1 Large
24 Hour Velo Vulture 2009. Large
CMWC Seattle 2003. Medium (gone to Native Ray!)
Chickenball Run 2009. Large
Milwaukee Messenger Invite 2006. Medium
West Side Invite 2004. Pretty Cool Black on Black. Medium
Philly NACCC 2006. Medium (Gone to Stewy)
Dublin 2007 Commemorative Shirt from NYC. Medium (Gone to Andrew)
Closeup of Seattle V.I.B.R.A.T.O.R. Shirt.
Seattle V.I.B.R.A.T.O.R. 2005 or 2006. Medium
Seattle West Side Invite 2009, Rainier Beer style. Medium
Closeup of Quake City Rumble 3, 2005
Quake City Rumble 3 2005 Dickie's Work Jacket. Says Large but really a Medium I think. (Gone to Jim C.)