Sunday, July 18, 2010

Messenger Shirt Give Away

2000 Philly Worlds, NYC No Brakes Ticket. Large, Sleeveless
Same Shirt
Boise Bars and Stripes 2006. Medium
Closeup of CMWC Dublin Shirt
CMWC Dublin 2007. Large. Bit of a chainlube mark in the lower middle.
Quake City Rumble 3, 2005 Staff Shirt. Medium
DC Courier, Three of the Same Stars on the Back. Medium (Gone to Stewy)
West Side Invite 2007. Medium
Boise Bars and Stripes 2007. Small (Gone to Jayne)
Axles of Evil Polo. Medium
Boise Bars and Stripes 2008. Small
West Side Invite 2009 Seattle. Weirdest West Side T-shirt Ever. 1 Small (Gone to Jayne),
1 Large
24 Hour Velo Vulture 2009. Large
CMWC Seattle 2003. Medium (gone to Native Ray!)
Chickenball Run 2009. Large
Milwaukee Messenger Invite 2006. Medium
West Side Invite 2004. Pretty Cool Black on Black. Medium
Philly NACCC 2006. Medium (Gone to Stewy)
Dublin 2007 Commemorative Shirt from NYC. Medium (Gone to Andrew)
Closeup of Seattle V.I.B.R.A.T.O.R. Shirt.
Seattle V.I.B.R.A.T.O.R. 2005 or 2006. Medium
Seattle West Side Invite 2009, Rainier Beer style. Medium
Closeup of Quake City Rumble 3, 2005
Quake City Rumble 3 2005 Dickie's Work Jacket. Says Large but really a Medium I think. (Gone to Jim C.)

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Bike Racers Beware! Big/Little Redhead to Dominate Racing World

This past weekend I went back to Seattle for the first time since starting me job at Cyclone to see my lovely bride to be, Clair. I also had the opportunity to attend the Brad Lewis Memorial Boat Street Criterium presented by Recycled Cycles, the Brad is the official kick-off to the Seattle crit season (though this year it was superseded by the bums at Volunteer Park). The Category 5 race was exciting as usual, not due to the skill but the lack there of. Two crashes marred the race, including this one that AVA/CBB racer Nate (who lead a redhead to domination of last year's Ballard Crit) narrowly avoided. It was all set up for the red loving Sally to take the dramatic win when he was pipped at the line by a guy with a crooked helmet!! Update: I'd just like to take a moment to acknowledge Daniel, the winner of the Category 5 race at Boat St. He was racing as part of his attempt to qualify for the RAAM (Race Across America), a brutal ultra-endurance bikerace from California to Virginia. Dan looked effortless during the entire race, prompting Clair to mention that he didn't even seem to be winded after 40 minutes and a finishing sprint. His helmet was crooked and that made me laugh, but the guy definitely wasn't a 'chuffer' as Seth mentions in the comments of this post. So congratulations Dan! You certainly would have taken me for a ride if I were mixing it up in there. It was a valiant effort, but Sally's still looking for his first win. No wonder Dave Douglas won't upgrade him yet!

The Category 4 race was exciting as well, no crashes but the result was one we here at RHFWD have come to expect when we watch a race that includes our favorite cycling dominator. Craig 'The Red Rocket' Etheridge once again won in his category! I have seen Craig in a number of crits and though he would surely deny the following, I have never seen him lose a crit race. The guy's a machine on the bike and a great guy at all times. Congratulations Craig, we salute you!

Special thanks to Amara Boursaw, cyclist, photographer, and unofficial photo documentarian of the Seattle area bike racing scene. I have never brought up the point with her, but we'll consider her a Red supporter and add her to the list of those protected. Check out her website for fun, funny, and sweet photos of local Seattle racing of all stripes.

Monday, April 7, 2008

Courageous Companies

Today is my first day working for Cyclone Bicycle Company in Partland, OR. These brave folk are putting themselves on the line to provide funds to the ever growing force that is RHFWD. Due to their selfless act I will officially place their names on the protected list, ensuring they won't be harmed in the event of the coming redpocalypse. If you own a bike shop and would like to support those who support the Red, drop a comment and we'll hook it up.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Let's see how this thing goes...

A while ago I began to see articles in a number of news centers about the supposed inevitable demise of redheads from the fabric of humanity,, and it made me think. Are we really a race on the verge of extinction? I say race because I have found redheads have a unique bond that you don't see in other folicular hues. There's something comunal about having red hair, a connection that many can imitate but can't really reach. So this is an attempt to collect and distribute stories and experiences about being a redhead. This is in no way a forum to gather redheads together for the eventual overthrow of all world governments and the installation of a Gingeocracy, have no fear, we're just cute.

Here is an example of a brave pair of Ginger-Lovers, the one in the middle is my lover and future wife. Unfortunately I've been sterilized by the forces of red-hating evil and there will be no ginger kids in our place. (Actually, we just don't want any, we'd rather travel and cocktail.)Three brave gingers in San Francisco. This is where the idea for this blog really started. These two are prime examples of the awesomeness of red-folk. Kind, fun, and loyal.
Phoenix Park in Dublin. Ireland is where I discovered the failings in the 'Redheads go extinct' theory, they're everywhere! Ireland taught me that the extinction rumour is really a vicious plot by folks frustrated by our uncanny ability to be freakin' sweet!