Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Let's see how this thing goes...

A while ago I began to see articles in a number of news centers about the supposed inevitable demise of redheads from the fabric of humanity,, and it made me think. Are we really a race on the verge of extinction? I say race because I have found redheads have a unique bond that you don't see in other folicular hues. There's something comunal about having red hair, a connection that many can imitate but can't really reach. So this is an attempt to collect and distribute stories and experiences about being a redhead. This is in no way a forum to gather redheads together for the eventual overthrow of all world governments and the installation of a Gingeocracy, have no fear, we're just cute.

Here is an example of a brave pair of Ginger-Lovers, the one in the middle is my lover and future wife. Unfortunately I've been sterilized by the forces of red-hating evil and there will be no ginger kids in our place. (Actually, we just don't want any, we'd rather travel and cocktail.)Three brave gingers in San Francisco. This is where the idea for this blog really started. These two are prime examples of the awesomeness of red-folk. Kind, fun, and loyal.
Phoenix Park in Dublin. Ireland is where I discovered the failings in the 'Redheads go extinct' theory, they're everywhere! Ireland taught me that the extinction rumour is really a vicious plot by folks frustrated by our uncanny ability to be freakin' sweet!